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Review of Alaska Garden Gate BnB

Review of Alaska Garden Gate BnB

On my trip to Alaska I had the chance to stay at the Alaska Garden Gate BnB. It was hands down my favorite place we stayed while visiting. It is located between Palmer and Wasilla. I’m going to make a list of the things I liked.

  1. When you arrived helpful staff to take your bags to your cottage.

  2. The apartment I stayed in was beautifully updated with kitchen, bedrooms and living room.

  3. You could easily stay for a week, buy groceries and make your own lunch and dinner while staying there.

  4. Beautiful views. Like really beautiful( i’ll post some pictures)

  5. The breakfast was delicious. A hot breakfast buffet with tables where you can enjoy talking with others.

When I go back to Alaska ( hopefully some day soon) I would love to go back there, It was amazing.

Check out their website which has a great video with all of the sites.

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