About Me

Hi! my name is Sara Christopher and I am a Travel Agent. I really enjoy traveling and look forward to helping you have an amazing traveling experience. 

Go Gallivant Travel is a home based agency, So most of our interactions will be via email or on the phone. We can also schedule a face to face meeting at a local coffeeshop.


My Good friend Sarah is a flight attendant and a few years ago she asked if i wanted to go to London. I said "Yes, let's do it" during the London trip I took care of the housing, and activity tickets. I also made an itinerary so that we could get the most out of our time. The next month my friend was going to Amsterdam and asked if I would plan out the trip. I said " of course" While on that trip she showed some people on the plane her itinerary  and they were impressed and asked if I was a travel agent. When she got back she told me " You should be a Travel Agent" I looked into it because it is something I can do at home( i'm a stay at home mom) and something I like to do. I genuinely like to research destinations and plan trips. If you are interested in taking a trip I would love to help you. 


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