• Sara Christopher

Space Camp? Count me in!

As a kid growing up in the 90’s , I clearly remember the commercials for Space Camp, and as most kids that grew up in that time period, I wanted to go to Space Camp. I didn’t want to be an astronaut, but I did want to go to Space camp. Space Camp wasn’t in the budget for my family, but a girl could dream. So a few weeks ago I went to a Travel and Adventure show. As I walked through and talked with people from different booths I came across a Space Camp booth. I was so excited as I talked to the lady. “ Space Camp is still a thing!” I practically shouted to her. While talking to her I found out that not only is Space camp still a thing, but they also have Adult Space Academy! For $549 you can embark on a 3 day space camp experience. You will stay in on-site lodging and meals are provided in the space camp crew galley. some of the activities listed on the website were :

▪ Train like an astronaut on our Multi-Axis Trainer!

▪ Construct and launch your own rocket!

▪ Learn teambuilding exercises on our Low Elements Ropes Course.

▪ Test your engineering skills in designing a protective heat shield!

▪ Perform an extended-duration simulated mission!

In addition to the adult camps, they have camps for children as well. They have Avaition challenge, Space camp, robotics, space robotics. Although I would love to go to Space Camp, I would also love to send my daughter one day. The facilities are located in Huntsville, AL. Just a plane ride away. If Space Camp is something you would like to do or send your child to do, please contact me and I can send you information and help you plan your trip out there. Also there is a ton of information on their website

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